Georgia Hunters for the Hungry


Media Contact:
Mary Ann Anderson
Georgia Wildlife Federation

While deer season in the southern zone of Georgia is ending in just a few days on January 15, there is still plenty of time for hunters to participate in the Georgia Hunters for the Hungry program.

The GHFTH program, sponsored in part by the Georgia Wildlife Federation, allows Georgia sportsman to donate harvested deer to Georgia food banks after it is processed in state-inspected facilities.  The ground venison is then delivered to food banks across the state to help feed needy families.

“The North Georgia hunting season has been a big boon to Hunters for the Hungry,” says Todd Holbrook, president and CEO of the Georgia Wildlife Federation.  “In light of the success in the northern zone, we want to remind hunters in the southern zone that opportunities still exist until the end of the season to participate in the program.”

Holbrook added that northern hunting zone meat processors were able to fill their allocated pounds of lean venison with high quality, high protein, and high-in-demand meat.

The Georgia Wildlife Federation has been heavily involved in the program since its inception in 1993.  The program so far has donated more than 300,000 pounds of ground venison to food banks around the state.

The Georgia Wildlife Federation, working closely with the Georgia Food Bank Association, the Wildlife Resources Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and GHFTH sponsors, and Middle Georgia electrical cooperatives and Walmart, who both provided generous grants to the program, has provided more than 60,000 meals through the program for Georgia’s needy.

South Georgia hunters interested in participating in the program can bring field-dressed deer to any of these designated drop-off locations:

Daffin’s Meat Processing, 914 Neil Dr. Columbus, 706-322-8848
Sealey’s Deer Cooler, 5675 S. Apple Valley Rd, Jefferson, 706-335-9304
Starley’s Deer Processing, 190 George Hatcher Rd, Irwinton, 478-946-8976
Stewart’s Quality Meats, 204 Washington St., Vidalia, 912-537-9888
Lee’s Processing, 461 Dove Ln., Axson, 912-422-3079
JJ’s Deer Processing, 974 Ga. Hwy 105, Baldwin,  706-776-2819
Mossey Creek Outdoors, 2788 Americus Hwy., Dawson,  229-995-4109
Barlow’s Meat Processing, 1692 Milan-Eastman Rd, Eastman, 478-374-5614
Lee Processing, 105 Hwy. 377, Leesburg, 229-759-2869
K&K Processing, 6749 Good Hope Rd., Naylor, 229-269-5557
Buck Deer Processing and Taxidermy, 231 Smithfield Rd. N, Leesburg, 229-869-0832
Garner’s Grinder, 18639 Hwy. 16, Sparta,  678-858-8857
Zoeller’s Deer Processing, 1123 Indigo Rd., Springfield,  912-754-9541

For addition information or to make a monetary donation—each deer costs roughly $50 to process—visit or call 770-787-7887.


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