MCNC Today 11/16/2012

This morning, we had five participants in our weekly birding walkabout at Mill Creek Nature Center. It was a crisp, cool, clear morning.

As soon as we walked out on the boardwalk at the wetlands, we were greeted by at least 200 cedar waxwings. It was an awesome sighting! John Deitsch captured a great telephoto picture of one of them (see attached).

After walking the property for an hour or so, we got an even more special treat – the sighting on an American bald eagle – the first we’ve ever seen flying above MCNC. John captured another great photo of this majestic bird of prey (again, see attached).

After lunch John and I returned to the wetlands where we saw a red-shouldered hawk, a hermit thrush, a pileated woodpecker, AND a sharp-shinned hawk. John noted 45 species on the property just for today. Great job, John!!!

Later in the day, forty pounds of trash were removed from the property, including three fluorescent light bulbs (each are four feet long). The flood from six weeks ago brought us a plethora of interesting objects downstream – footballs, softballs, basketballs, tennis balls, rubber balls, plastic cups, straws, plastic bags, plastic plant containers, and plastic bottles. There’s still more trash to retrieve!

MCNC is still wearing her autumn coat of colorful leaves, so come on down and enjoy the scenery!


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