MCNC Today – April 25, 2012

What a great event we had last Saturday celebrating Earth Day 2012 at MCNC!!!! Thanks to all who participated.

We got a lot of Chinese privet removed, and what a crowd we had over at the amphitheater!!! The kids put together 10 bird houses (and I have them all hung around the property), privet disc products were being manufactured by the dozens, and many of you used colored pencils to decorate Earth Day sheets. A lot of people were able to take nature walks along our trails and take in the beauty of the nature center. I must say, some of the privet products were cleverly designed! I can’t wait to see the photos and video from the event!

And the weather was great!

I have been checking all the wood duck boxes on the property. One box has two different kinds of eggs in it. Karen Theodorou, the manager of the Birdwatchers Supply Store, tells me there are wood duck and hooded merganser eggs in the same box. How about that?! Some of the others have eggs too, but there are some that don’t have any yet.

I’ve also seen a muskrat the past two days. He’s busy doing something – in the day time hours – but I don’t know what.

I’m very pleased to say that the wild onions are now in bloom!

It’s been pretty chilly the last two mornings, but it will be warming up soon. So, come on down and explore MCNC. It was a rushed event last Saturday, but now you can come and spend some leisure time enjoying the nature center.

Hank Ohme
Project Manager, Mill Creek Nature Center

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